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Indonesia Economic Outlook 2022 (IEO '22) is an annual event held by Indonesia Economic and Development Studies of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia. (KANOPI FEB UI).

IEO '22 focuses on evaluation of Indonesia's economic performance in the current year and projection on the future economic challenge likely to be faced by Indonesia. IEO '22 consists of a forum, national seminar, and policy recommendation competition, which is expected to generate outputs and references for government and other stakeholders.

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This Year's Theme

"Seizing the Opportunity: Transforming Indonesia’s Economy Amidst the Crisis"

The COVID–19 Pandemic has been going on for a long time and has exerted an unexpectedly tremendous amount of pressure on the economy. Despite this, Indonesia's economy has shown a rather promising performance at the beginning of 2021. Some leading indicators of national economic recovery, including the performance of its manufacturing industry, consumer trust, investment, and trade performance, have shown a positive trend.

Indonesia has to take strategic steps to preempt both its existing and potential challenges. One of the strategic steps it may take is to undergo an economic transformation. Suppose Indonesia does not redesign the concept of its economic transformation, the nation's productivity will constantly decrease and eventually become the lowest of amongst all Asian countries. The COVID–19 pandemic currently happening serves as the right momentum for all parties to reformulate and consolidate the agenda of forming a national economic transformation relevant to today's and even future development.



Fiscal Sector

Managing Fiscal Deficit to Maintain Fiscal Sustainability

Monetary & Financial Sector

Refining the Payment System to Accommodate Digitalization and Improve Financial Inclusion

Real Sector

Enhancing The Investment Climate to Boost Economic Performance